Hormone Replacement Therapy

   Uptown Pharmacy’s Hormone Replacement Wellness Program is a service aimed at providing patients with the tools and resources to restore their quality of life during menopause. This program offers comprehensive hormone replacement therapy counseling and access to compounded hormone products. Patients enrolled in this program will receive an initial consult with a pharmacist followed by constant access to a pharmacist for questions and concerns. Pharmacists will be available to adjust therapies for optimal outcomes which will increase therapy success for the patient.

Medication Therapy Management

   We want to make sure you are taking the best medication for you! Why take something that isn’t working or causing additional problems? During our Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Session our pharmacist will review all of your medications, their intended purpose, and possible side effects. We will determine if the medications are achieving their desired outcomes, and evaluate if more effective medications are available. We will also see if alternative therapies are available that could lower your costs. Many people think of this as an annual physical or dental exam where we are giving your medications a “check-up”. Many insurance plans will often cover this service at no cost to you.

Anticoagulation Monitoring (INR/PT)

   Have your INR monitored for your warfarin therapy at the pharmacy with a simple finger stick. We will discuss your test results and monitor for side effects. Results from each visit are shared with your physician’s office.

Cholesterol Monitoring Program

   Have your cholesterol checked in the pharmacy with a simple finger stick. Results are available in only 5 minutes! This test reports TC (total cholesterol), LDL (bad cholesterol), HDL (good cholesterol), Triglycerides, TC/HDL ratio. We will discuss the results with you and review goals to help decrease your risk of heart disease. Results and therapeutic recommendations can be forwarded over to your physician’s office as well. An appointment is required- please call to schedule with one of our helpful pharmacy staff members at 614-882-2392. Remember to fast for 12 hours prior to the test for the most accurate results.

Prescription Delivery

Local delivery of medications is available for a fee of $3.00. Medications are delivered between 3-5 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Medication orders must be placed by noon for same day delivery.

Our delivery area extends north to Maxtown Road, East to Sunbury Rd, West to the 71 Overpass, and South to Schrock Road.


Genetic testing and analysis

We are able to now offer you genetic testing that takes the guess work out of medication selection- which means safer, more effective, and better tolerated therapy for you right from the start. Uptown Pharmacy participates in the MD Labs/Rxight™ pharmacogenetic testing program. Please visit Rxight's website for more information, or talk to one of our pharmacists who are Certified PMR Specialists today.

Medical Equipment

We are proud to provide our community a source for all types of durable medical equipment. We keep a large variety of crutches, canes, quad canes, rollators and walkers in stock. We also carry a large variety of bathroom safety products including grab bars, raised toilet seats, shower benches, and bedside commodes.

We also carry a large selection of hospital grade braces and aids for daily living. These include cervical collars, thumb spicas, carpel tunnel braces, hernia aids, abdominal supporters, arm slings, cast shoes, knee braces, back braces, and Aircast Ankle stirrups. We also stock reachers, bedpans, urinals, and donut seat cushions.

Looking for compression garments, socks, or hose? We carry Jobst® brand and Dr. Comfort Shape to Fit brand® compression garments in a variety of sizes and colors. If we don’t have the exact product you need we can order it as soon as the next business day. 

Frustrated with the limited wound care selection at other pharmacies? We offer a large selection of wound care items ranging from gauze and telfa pads to packing strips and DuoDerm Patches.

If we do not have it in stock, most products we can get from our warehouse for next day delivery.